About Us

Let's be honest.

We thought the UPCs are way too expensive for what they are, and for those who are just starting a business, buying them in bulk cost way too much, and it could be a big huddle for many.

That’s why we started Code-4-Less.
Why pay $5 for just 1 barcode?
Our starting price is 10 codes for only $3.50, and providing the same UPC/EAN you need for most of the eCommerce platforms you may use for your business.
Need more? Pay even less for each!
We're trying to make our service as simple as it gets.
Because all you need is a brand new barcode for your product, and you want it CHEAP.
Sounds like we're talking?
Shop now and thank us later :)
Code-4-Less is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.