UPC vs SKU(GTIN, Product ID)

UPC vs SKU(GTIN, Product ID)

In case you're confused with UPCs with other product attributes.

I'll make it super simple for everyone to understand :)

Okay, you have a product you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, etc.
You need
(1) Product ID(GTIN: Global Trade Item Number) / SKU(Stock Keeping Unit #) and (2) UPC(Universal Product Code)

(1) GTIN/SKUs are for an internal use, for you to identify what product it is.
For example, you made a Batman T-shirt and it's your very first product.
You might want to give the T-shirt - GTIN: BAT-TS-ST1 / SKU: batst101
*Bat(batman)-Ts(T-shirt)-St1(Style 1)
You're assigning these numbers to your products, you are NOT purchasing any codes for them.
*If you're trying to sell a popular item that's already exist(especially on the same popular listing on Amazon), you need the GTINs and UPCs for those particular products in order to sell them. You must be a certified reseller of the item so you can obtain the information from the manufacturer.

(2) You have the GTIN/SKU ready. Now you need a UPC barcode number for the product to make it 'officially unique' and also 'universal' if you have variants in a single product line.

UPC and SKU are two quite different entities. They are both numeric-based codes assigned to products(SKUs are typically eight alpha-numeric), but UPCs(12 digits) are standardized for business use and provide a product description that, once scanned, anyone could read.

You can NOT make your own UPC code, and it will not be identified/accepted if you make a random one for yourself.

Here's a simple QnA:

Q: UPC Codes are not recognized/accepted

A: If you haven't put in GTIN/SKU, or trying to sell on an existing listing, it'll give you the error message saying the code is not matched with any listings on the market place.
That's a good thing, because it means the code is brand new, and was never been used!

Create your own product ID/GTIN, or put SKUs for your new product, then put the UPC at the end to make it 'official'.

GTIN Exemption

Please watch the following video of explaining how to list a product with the GTIN at the first page. You'll use the UPC to protect your listing by putting the codes at the end, so it is useful for those who are trying to sell generic items, but also want to protect the listing.


Hope this help!

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