UPC Requirement for eCommerce | Amazon UPC / EAN Codes: Why You Need to Buy Them?

UPC Requirement for eCommerce | Amazon UPC / EAN Codes: Why You Need to Buy Them?

When listing a product on Amazon, you typically need a Universal Product Code (UPC) or an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to uniquely identify the product. Here are a few reasons why a UPC is required for Amazon listings:

  1. Product Identification: A UPC is a barcode that identifies a specific product. Amazon uses this code to ensure that each product listing corresponds to a unique product. It helps prevent confusion and ensures accurate inventory management.

  2. Matching Existing Listings: Amazon's catalog already contains millions of products. To list a product, you need to match it with an existing listing in the catalog. Using a UPC makes it easier to find the correct product and avoid creating duplicate listings.

  3. Standardized Product Information: UPCs are widely used in the retail industry and provide a standardized way of identifying products. By using UPCs, Amazon can gather and organize product information efficiently, ensuring consistent and reliable data across their platform.

  4. Buy Box Eligibility: The Buy Box is the prominent "Add to Cart" button on an Amazon product page. Winning the Buy Box increases the chances of making sales. Having a unique UPC associated with your product is one of the requirements to be eligible for the Buy Box.

  5. Brand Registry: If you have a registered brand, providing a UPC is necessary to enroll in Amazon's Brand Registry program. The program offers additional benefits to brand owners, such as enhanced content options, brand protection tools, and access to advertising features.

It's worth noting that not all product categories on Amazon require a UPC. Some categories have specific requirements, such as ISBNs for books or EANs for certain products. However, for most products, a UPC is the primary form of product identification used by Amazon.

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