UPC / EAN for Google Merchant - Is GTIN mandatory for Google Shopping?

UPC / EAN for Google Merchant - Is GTIN mandatory for Google Shopping?

Q: Google Shopping GTIN Requirements - Is GTIN mandatory for Google Shopping?

A: Yes, Google Shopping listings also require a unique identifier for each product. While Google accepts various types of unique identifiers, including Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), and brand-specific product codes, UPCs are one of the commonly used identifiers.

The purpose of requiring a unique identifier, such as a UPC, is to ensure accurate product identification and to avoid duplicate listings. When you create a product listing on Google Shopping, you need to provide a unique identifier associated with the product you're selling.

While UPCs are widely recognized and used, Google also accepts other types of identifiers based on the product category. For example, books typically require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), while pharmaceutical products may require a National Drug Code (NDC).

It's important to note that the specific requirements for unique identifiers on Google Shopping can vary depending on the region and product category. Therefore, it's recommended to review the guidelines provided by Google for the most up-to-date and accurate information related to your specific listings.

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